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BBC Radio 4 29 November 2010
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The weather: well, this cold weather is going to continue. There’s going to be shh.. snow showers in many eastern areas. Other places will be mainly dry.

We will be talking about the weather in a few moments, but you’re listening to Today, on Radio Four, with Sarah Montague and Evan Davies. It’s twenty eight minutes to eight and Rory Morrison has a summary of the news.

The website Wikileaks has begun publishing hundreds of thousands of messages sent by US embassies. They include reports of Arab nations, such as Saudi Arabia, urging the US to attack Iran, to stop its nuclear programme. There are also references to widespread computer hacking by the Chinese Government and reports of US diplomats being asked to spy on UN leaders. The White House says the leaks put lives in danger, something denied by the website.

European governments are waiting to see whether Ireland’s financial bailout will calm the markets and restore confidence in the Eurozone. Details of the £70 billion bailout were announced yesterday. Most of the money will come from the EU and the IMF, but Ireland must contribute around 15 billion from its own reserves. The average interest rate on the loans will be just over 5.8%.

The Office for Budget Responsibility will release its latest forecast today. The OBR, an independent body set up by the Government to analyse the economy, is expected to say it was too cautious in June, when predicting growth of 1.2% for this year. Some analysts are expecting next year’s growth forecast to be lowered.

There’s more pressure on the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, over his support for increased tuition fees in England. More than 100 Liberal Democrat candidates who failed to win seats in the last election have urged all LibDem MPs to vote against the policy, when it comes before Parliament next month.

There’s been more heavy snow overnight in Scotland and Eastern parts of England, with forecasters saying up to 10 inches could fall in some places today. Hundreds of schools in Scotland and Northern England are closed. Across the UK temperatures are expected to stay around or below, freezing.

The actor Lesley Neilson, best known for his roles in Airplane and the Naked Gun comedies, has died. He was 84 and had been suffering from pneumonia. Lesley Neilson began his Hollywood career in serious roles but became best known for his dead pan comic timing.

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