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BBC Radio 4 14 August 2009 News Bulletin 7.30 am
Weather-wise, quite a nice day down South, dry and fine but wet and windy in Northern areas.

You’re listening to Today on Radio 4 with Edward Stourton and Evan Davis. The time is half-past seven, and now a summary of the news from Susan Rae.

The Conservative leader, David Cameron, has restated his support for the National Health Service after it was strongly attacked by one of his party’s MEPs, Daniel Hannan, on American television. Mr Hannan’s comments came as debate rages across the United States on plans by President Obama to reform health care. His critics have singled out the NHS as an example of how a state-run system fails the patient. Thousands of people in Britain have used the internet to defend and praise the Health Service.

The army has paid tribute to the three soldiers killed yesterday in an explosion in southern Afghanistan. A spokesman said the soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Rifles and 40 Regiment Royal Artillery were brave and their loss was keenly felt. Their families have been informed.

The Conservative MP for St Albans, Anne Main, has survived a bid to deselect by her… to deselect her by her constituency party. She had faced a challenge over her daughter’s use of a flat funded by parliamentary expenses. The chairman of the Constituency Association has resigned.

American scientists investigating a new technique for fighting cancer say they have made a significant discovery. They’ve found a drug capable of killing the stem cells which help tumours to grow and spread cancer around the body. But tests on humans are still some way off.

Children who’ve been trafficked into the UK are being let down by the care system, according to the child protection charity, Ecpat. It’s calling on the Government to introduce a system of legal guardians for children rescued from traffickers. The Home Office says it believes the welfare of the children should remain the responsibility of local authorities.

One of Iran’s defeated opposition presidential candidates has said some protesters held after June’s disputed poll were tortured to death in prison. The claim by Mehdi Karroubi comes days after he said a number of prisoners, both male and female, had been raped. Officials deny the rape claims, but admit that abuses have taken place.

Two separate studies published in the British Medical Journal suggest that many women could take a safer brand of contractive pill. The researchers say that some tablets are linked to a higher risk of blood clot than others.

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