Tuesday, 4 August 2009

BBC Radio 4 News 7.30am. Tuesday 4th August 2009-08-04

Senior government ministers have been accused of trying to avoid parliamentary scrutiny over claims of British complicity in the torture of terrorism suspects abroad. MP’s and peers on the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights say ministers and the head of the security service, MI5 have refused to give detailed answers to the allegations. A government spokesman rejected the Committee’s demand for an independent enquiry, saying its report contained nothing new.
Northern Rock, the first bank to be rescued by the taxpayer last year has announced losses of nearly three quarters of a million pounds for the first six months of the year. The company’s been badly affected by the high number of mortgage customers who’ve been unable to keep up with their monthly payments.
Its emerged that helicopters due to be sent to help British troops in Afghanistan may not be able to fly on some combat operations. Sources in the RAF say the six Merlin helicopters which are used to transport troops have insufficient armour. The Ministry of Defence has insisted that they will be fit for operational use.
Police in Australia have charged a man with terrorism offenses, after uncovering what they say was a plot to attack a military base. Three others have been arrested in a series of raids in Melbourne. They’re believed to be connected with an Islamist group.
An official report has identified serious failings in the way DNA, blood, and forensic samples have been stored by police. The joint report by the Inspectorates of Prisons and Constabulary looked at eight police custody suits in Cambridgeshire. In one case samples were stored with takeaway food.
A young mother and a three year old girl are still seriously ill in hospital, following an outbreak of E-Coli in North Wales. The Fly Fish Bar in Wrexham has been closed as a precaution. A solicitor for the owner of the fish and chip shop says its run cleanly and sensibly.

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